A new powerful way to tighten and tone.



20,000 Situps in 30 minutes. What else do you want to know? This new FDA approved treatment is THE treatment for ab and booty building.

Emsculpt : A new way to build muscle and sculpt your body

Emsulpt is the newest way to tighten and tone your body. We all struggle trying to tone and build muscle. Even when exercising to the fullest, we just don’t see the results that we want. Emsculpt is a new treatment that will surprise you with results that you didn’t know were possible. Combined with our laser lipo, Emsculpt is one of our newest treatments in Newport Beach.

Emsculpt : Approved to build muscle for five body parts

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Calves
  • Thighs

Emsculpt : A fast way to build muscle

Even with exercise, a complete way to get toned is extremely difficult. Even if you have professional training you likely will not see results in specific areas due to genetics, hormones, age and gender. You’ll notice that most personal training sessions target the entire body for a comprehensive workout. This does work for losing overall weight and getting tone. However, you will still have areas that are stubborn and still don’t have the results you’re looking for. Emsculpt is able to target these areas and help build muscle, effectively shedding fat.

Emsculpt : Emsculpt and Laser Lipo

We offer multiple fat loss treatments that melt fat and we can combine these treatments to get you the best results.  Our laser lipo treaments and Emsculpt are all non surgical and will get you the results you’re looking for.

Emsculpt : A complimentary consultation to get you started

Ladies and gents, we offer complimentary consultations for fat loss treatments. Losing weight is hard. You need support alongside you to get real results that last. We have multiple treatments and a friendly staff that will commit to help you lose the fat! Invest in your health and body and you will feel much more confident about yourself. Start by scheduling a consultation today.

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