Ideal for Crow's Feet and Frown Lines


Dysport for Wrinkles

DYSPORT (which works faster) and is our preferred choice for wrinkles, frown lines. We recommend DYSPORT as it's been seen to last longer and quicker.

Dysport in Newport Beach

Have you heard of DYSPORT? It's a great alternative to BOTOX. We often recommend this injectable because it has been shown to work faster and last longer at times.

Particularly for those that have had several BOTOX treatments, DYSPORT when introduced can have a quick impact (meaning, you'll see less wrinkles in shorter time).

DYSPORT can be used to treat frown lines, the eleven's and crow's feet. Along with other areas that our injectors are experts at. Anyone say bunny nose?

Schedule a consultation to speak with our injector and address any questions you might have about DYSPORT or ultimately what results you're looking for.

Whether it's DYSPORT or fillers, we carry the best injectables that are proven to deliver results.

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